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Bingsoo, often referred to as Bing, sails the Emerald Ocean and is a fleet officer in the the crew We like Rainbows. She is a member of the flag Illusion.


Bing used to be a Senior Officer in the crew Mirage before Hunter merged with Sage. She has been playing Puzzle Pirates since September 16th of 2006 but took a break due to personal circumstances after about 3 1/2 years of playing. She started playing again in early 2012.

Contributions and Accomplishments (former pirate)

  • Senior Officer in many well-known crews
  • Titled member in several flags
  • Became a greeter on April 10th, 2007.

The Present

Bingsoo can frequently be seen puzzling on the navy's ships as well as Altantis, Cursed Isles, and the Haunted Seas. Her favorite puzzles are Gunnery and Carpentry; her least favorite being Rigging. Bing used to dislike sailing very much, but she is starting to get the hang of it. She thinks sailing with tokens is a lot of fun!


Her former pirate joined Mirage on October 7th of 2008 and was the last crew she was in before retiring. Mirage had become like a family to her so she was quite sad to see that Mirage was no longer what it used to be because a lot of its members were dormant, but she was happy nonetheless to be reunited with Mirage's captain Imrans and the "new" Mirage, We like Rainbows.

Random Facts

  • Imrans is her hubby and Axwe is her son.
  • Loves wearing diving helmets and pink.