Phantom Armada

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Phantom Armada at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Kellee of Bilge Rats
Member crew(s) Bilge Rats, Sea Ogres, Do Nothing Pirates, Pillagin' Pirates, Alpha Predators
Founded 27 October, 2003
Disbanded as of 29 February, 2004

The flag Phantom Armada was the Midnight incarnation of the Azure flag Fortune's Fools. It began the day the Midnight Ocean opened, and lasted until February of 2004. For its entire duration, the flag's queen was Kellee.

Notable achievements of the flag include the acquisition of five shoppes: Lightning Bolts, Sail and Return, and Clothes, but no Cigar on Epsilon Island, Brew Monday on Guava Island, and Point Made on Gaea Island.

The flag broke up over a power struggle, with all but a few of the pirates reforming as the flag Cold Steel, which considers itself to be the same flag under a different name. Four of the shoppes went to the new flag; Sail and Return stayed with the former queen, who eventually joined Cruciata Imperio.