Bad Touch

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This article is about the Meridian Ocean crew. For the Emerald Ocean crew, see Bad Touch (Emerald).
Bad Touch at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain Narci
Senior Officer(s) Dominicanus, Large, Shlee,Shopot, Tormenta
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Legacy-East
Founded 16 February, 2011
Last updated on 26 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Bad Touch.jpg

Bad Touch is a semi-elite crew of the Meridian Ocean. They love to pillage and engage in wars.


Bad touch was created by Narci.

The crew is really musical and the name of the crew is for the song The Bad Touch-Bloodhound Gang, the crew in general is a adult crew and they love to interact with other crew members. (yeah exactly what you are thinking).

They are always looking for old hard workers, but you must to be clear, they will always talk about what is political incorrect to talk and almost all the members are a bit (a lot) of pervs.

They love the words up and down so be careful in what you talk about because once they start to talk about up, its really hard to go down.

Bad Touch have members from all part of the world and they most active members talk (write): English, Spanish, French and German.

They hate drama, so if you are looking for drama don't come to them, because they probably laugh about you with some sort of smexy twisted comment.

Public statement

Hardcore pillager's > Hell yeah \m/

Extended public statement

PG+16 we are pervs SO: Leg+ bnav + 3 leg in the piracy

FO: GM Bnav + 2 leg on piracy

O: Master Bnav + 1 leg in piracy

P: Renow+guns +1 GM on piracy

CP: just ask :)

Before u take a vessel out ask to someone whit GM+ Bnav go whit u to know if u can do a proper bnav thanks :)!

Babysit rules: if you are new and ur desesperated for take out a vessel, ask some officer to babysit you, we dont give ranks, if u dont have the proper stat on bnving.

  • if u are a killing bnav machine but u arent good in the other puzzles let us know and if u do alot of pillage we probably take that in consideration xP
  • ALWAYS ask ptb (permision to board) most of the bnvers in the crew do elite "small" pillage, so if you jump and the OFC think he is full, you will get a plank.

We love working ppls :)!