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The December Doodles is an event usually run by Apollo. In 2012, the format changed from daily events each weekday, to twice-weekly due to time constraints; this format was continued in 2013 and 2014.

Doodles 2014 [1] is the tenth annual December Doodles event. It was hosted by Clotho, with the help of guest doodle runners chosen during Doodle #2.

December Doodle #1: Edible Ornaments

4 December - Your task today is to create a seasonal ornament from food, and it must be piratey or resembling an in-game item.

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 12; Winners received an ornament and a pirate nutcracker.


Runners-Up: Greylady Cattrin

Honorable Mentions: Faeree Gneiss Kevinson Wayfarer

December Doodle #2: Doodle me a Doodle!

8 December - Your task, should you dare choose to take it, is to design an event to run as a 3-4 day doodle this month. Winners will host their winning doodles later in the month.

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 18?; Winners received a gold/white ornament and a white seal. Runners-up received a red/white ornament and a white sheep. Honorable mentions received a red/green ornament.


  • Dexla of Cerulean - posting at 10 AM on Thursday 18th
  • Gneiss of Emerald - posting at 10 AM on Monday 22nd
  • Imp of Meridian - posting at 10 AM on Thursday 25th


  • Herowena of Cerulean
  • Faeree of Emerald
  • Locu of Cerulean

Honorable Mentions:

  • Astrielle of Cerulean
  • Cattrin of Cerulean
  • Chocorose of Cerulean
  • Rhodanite of Cerulean
  • Wayfarer of Meridian

December Doodle #3: Deceiving Present

11 December - Draw one image of a wrapped item (OMG bicycle shape!) and then an X-ray view, revealing what's actually in it (something completely different). The wrapped item can resemble anything you want but it should make sense with the X-ray vision view.

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 18; Winners received a white/gold ornament and a white fireplace. Honorable mentions received a green/red ornament.


Honorable Mentions: Pixelpixie Greylady Budclare Skyelanis Faeree Keerin

December Doodle #4: Release The Doodle!

15 December - I want you to use Artpad[2] to make a nice picture of anything you encountered this year. But Do it Kraken style! That means, only use the bucket! No Text, No brush. (Guest host: Locu of Cerulean)

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 19; Winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions all received a black/gold ornament. Winners also received a navy/black rocking pony and runners-up received a navy/grey rocking pony.


Runners-Up: Cattrin Alchemy

Honorable Mentions: Greylady Dexla Chocorose Wayfarer Imp Faeree

December Doodle #5: T'was the Night B'farrr Christmas*...

18 December - Write the lesser-known pirate version of the poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas"[3], beginning with the words, "T'was the night b'farrr Christmas..." (or whichever festive winter holiday you're writing about). (Guest host: Dexla of Cerulean)

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 13; Winners received a gold/navy ornament, a marble table and paper and quill. Runners-up received a gold/navy ornament. Honorable mentions received a gold/navy holiday trinket.


'T'was the night b'farrr Christmas, an' onboard me dhow,
Not a bilge rat was scratchin', from stern up to bow;
The cannons were empty, the rum barrels dry,
"Me charts 'ave all dusted," I said with a sigh.
No hearties were manning the rigs or the sails;
The carpentry stations were all out of nails;
And dry rot in the buckets, plus rust on the pumps,
Had me settin' a course for a case o' the grumps.
When out o' the blue rang a voice like the thunder:
"Avast, arr ye scurvy dogs no' out to plunder?"
I burst from me cabin, and ran out on deck,
Me ship is me castle, no matter how wrecked.
I'd teach this flea-bitten landlubber to beg
For permission t' board- with a kick from me peg!
But barreling forward, a sword in me fist,
I was stop'd in me tracks by a thick blinding mist.
With a shiver o' dread and an unfiltered swear,
I limped forward sightless, while muttering prayers.
I quaked in me boot but I tried to seem bold,
'Til I tripped on a rope coil, and fell in the hold.
Now winded, and wounded, by landing on scrap wood,
I struggled to stand, but I found it were no good.
From the deck came a laugh, then a thump and a clang;
Then the hatch up above me was closed with a bang.
In a rage that erased all the pain in me bones,
Up the hold steps I scrambled, to meet Davy Jones;
Or to send him this scallywag roaming me craft,
With a plunge of me dagger, clean up to the haft!
And then in an instant, the fog disappeared
"Ye think ye'll defeat me?" the hidden voice jeered.
I whirled 'round to face 'im, and huge was me shock,
When I saw that me boarder was jolly Saint Stock!
Now the land-locked will tell you, the man is called Nick;
But a seafarer knows, and will tell ye right quick,
That Stock is the blood of a pirate endeavor,
Without 'im, a ship sails as often as never.
A wave of his hook and a wink of his eye,
And the hold filled with barrels and balls piled high.
Charts to all the sea monsters were stacked by the wheel,
And the sword rack was gleaming with newly-forged steel.
Two trunks full of bludgeons were stacked in the stern;
Commodities blossomed wherever he turned.
And then in a flash, he whisked off on his way,
/Shouting, "Always remember, team in a fray!"
'Twas the night b'farrr Christmas and me bilge water risin';
With t' grog barrels emptying , 'twas harrrdly suprisin'.
Come 'n listen, let me be tellin' ye what happened;
to yers truly; a Buccaneer Captain.
We'd been sailin' and plunderin'; our favourite hobbies;
Me and me hearrrtie an' some smelly ol' swabbies.
In our hold thar were riches, aye, pleny o' loot;
'N then crate upon crate upon crate filled with fruit.
Sail ho! Yelled me hearrrtie; a brig be approachin'
The red flags atop seems mighty forebodin'!
But as it came closer the ship seemed abandoned;
We grappled 'n boarrrded, on a calm deck we landed.
Suddenly! Shiver me timbers! The air filled with chatter;
There be shriekin' 'n gibberin' 'n a horrible clatter.
The simians aboard were practiced in deciet;
They had most likely come for our succulent treats.
Curses, we'd be mumbling, we surely are done for;
The monkeys be counted to the number o' fourscore!
Then from upward a voice arose; 't sounded vaguely familiar;
Aye, almost human, though markantly shriller.
Before we knew it there'd jumped from up high;
A talking monkey, a wonderous sight!
On his head was a hat in white and in red;
He laugh'd and he snicker'd: Bet ye thought ye were dead!
I be Santa Simian! was his gleeful sentence;
Me and me crewbies have come to get presents!
So we shared our fruit with our long-tailed friends;
And in turn we got merriment that counted fer ten.
When they all sailed away we could hear 'im exclaim:
A Monkey Christmas to all! Aye, and that it surely became...

Runners-Up: Chocorose Simplegal

Honorable Mentions: Astrielle Wayfarer

December Doodle #6: North Pole Fatalities

22 December - This doodle's task is to provide what you think might have been the best Famous Last Words ever uttered at the North Pole and then to draw your depiction of the scene that might have caused those words to be uttered. (Guest host: Gneiss of Emerald)

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 13; Winners and honorable mentions received various festive trinkets and furniture.

1st Place:

2nd Place: Wayfarer Astrielle

3rd Place: Cattrin Herowena

Honorable Mentions: Dexla Quansha

December Doodle #7: Won't anybody think of the socks?

25 December - Your task, piratey puppetmasters, is to turn an old sock into a Puzzle Piratey sock puppet. (Guest host: Imp of Meridian)

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 10; The winners received grey mittens and a white fancy sink. Runners-up also won grey mittens.


Runners-Up: Bolognese Herowena Makawhawla

December Doodle #8: It's A Rap!

29 December - Your task is to compose and perform a piratey holiday rap song. (Guest host: Herowena of Cerulean)

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 5; The winner, runners-up, and honorable mentions each received a silver sleigh bells trinket. The winner also received the sloop "Rhythmic Tuna" and runners-up received maroon and grey Taiko drums.


Runners-Up: Quansha Cattrin

Honorable Mentions: Gneiss Faeree

December Doodle #9: More Doodles!?! Yarr! Like, Totally!

1 January - Your challenge, should take it, is to do a visual pirate parody of that most awesome, totally radical, outrageous decade full of pop culture... The 1980's! Create an original, 2D image of a pirate-transformed 1980's pop cultural item. (Guest host: Faeree of Emerald)

Contest announcement Winners posted

Entries: 11; The winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions all received trinkets appropriate to their entries. Winners and runners-up also received appropriate furniture or, in one case, shoes. Winners also received renamed sloops.


Runners-Up: Quansha Bolognese

Honorable Mentions: Offkiltered Cattrin Wayfarer Gneiss Imp

Dedicated Doodler Award 2014

These pirates all successfully completed every doodle on the forums (prize unknown):

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