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The December Doodles is an event formerly run by Apollo. In 2012, the format changed from daily weekday events to twice-weekly due to time constraints; this format has continued ever since.

Delayed (not) December (not daily) Doodles 2017 [1] is the thirteenth annual December Doodles event, though due to a scheduling booch, it didn't start until December 28, so it mostly took place in January. It was hosted by Hera, Clotho, and Nemesis.

As in other recent years, Shiny Sun Points were awarded as additional prizes.

Doodle #1: Bottle Cap Baubles! (Hosted by Hera)

28 December - Your task for this doodle is to upcycle bottle caps into Xmas decorations with a YPP theme. I don't just want one decoration, I want three. They don't need to be the same, they can be constructed in different ways but displayed together they should reflect some aspect of YPP. For example: powder, wad and shot would be three different decorations coming together to reflect the art of gunning.

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Doodle #2: All I wanted for Xmas... (Hosted by Hera)

2 January - Write a missive to the YPP art Gods requesting that a peacock pet be added to our list of wonderful critters. Your request should be in the form of a rhyming couplet.

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Doodle #3: Appalling Apparel! (Hosted by Hera)

4 January - Design an item of 'Appalling Apparel' (ugly sweater) with a YPP theme (Classic or Dark Seas).

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Doodle #4: The Nicest Surprise (Hosted by Clotho)

9 January - Draw a picture representing the nicest surprise you had in 2017. This can be something in real life, or something in the game. If you really can't think of a nice surprise you had this year, then please draw the surprise you'd LOVE to get in 2018!

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Doodle #5: Let's Cheer Her(a) Up! (Hosted by Clotho)

11 January - It's time for that wonderful thing, the singing doodle! Today, I'd like you to sing for me; or at least, make some kind of musical approximation to singing. This year, we're going to try to cheer Hera up, so the song must include the phrase Hera wants a peacock pet somewhere.

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Doodle #6: Cardstock Cutouts! (Hosted by Nemesis)

16 January - Create your own pirate vessel (either one from in game, or use your imagination!) using only old cards, tape, and glue.

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Doodle #7: Letters to Santy Cronus! (Hosted by Nemesis)

18 January - Write a handwritten, appropriately decorated, pirate-fied and passionate, plea to Santy Cronus fer rich rewards of any variety in th' next holiday season.

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Dedicated Doodler Award 2017

These pirates all successfully completed every Doodle on the forums, winning an unknown prize:

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