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Flag Title

Icon titled.png Lord

Armyman first started on the Malachite Ocean learning most of what he knows from Sodabearcat in the crew The Mighty Bearcats, but then left to make his own crew Freedom Fighters. Later after that joining the flag Sea Monsters Inc.

His favorite stuff to do is running a sea monster hunt / Cursed Isles voyage and running a pillage. He likes Atlantis enough to name his next pirate Captatlantis. At first only he did only Atlantis runs but getting tried of that, he started with other activities: pillaging, Cursed Isles and flotillas. Read more on Captatlantis below at the bottom of the page.

Armyman currently owns a shack on Saltstraum Rock, a row house and a cabin on Barracuda Island.

Armyman is curently a lord in the flag Lighthouse Beacon.

Armyman has been playing for more than one year on Armyman

Captatlantis from Viridian likes to mainly do Atlantis and Cursed Isles runs. He started as a pirate in Squid Squad but then soon joined Long John Silver as an officer and soon worked his way up the ranks to to fleet officer and after a lot of hard work and pillages became a senior officer in Long John Silver.

Captatlantis's favorite stations are Battle Navigation, Gunnery and Navigation.

He currently owns a Shipbuilding stall on Garden Cradle.

Captatlantis has been playing one year on Captatlantis

Favorite trinkets

Juvenile Gorgonyx
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Sacred Skull
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Bear Claw
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Bone Knife
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