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Appelsapp is a pirate of the crew Cubelets and member of the flag Illusion and sailing the Emerald Ocean since October 2012.

In a previous life she was known as Pimpkie on the Sage Ocean, the countless lives before that are unknown. She does recollect the story of her great-great-great-grandmother winning a Nose-glow Wax in the 2007 Holiday events. Appelsapp was determined to follow in the footsteps of her ancestors, so after the ocean merge she decided to stick with what was left of Sage and is now sailing the great sea's of Emerald.


After roaming the Emerald Ocean in various crews, hearty Miauw introduced her to the Cubelets where she became a cabin person in May 2013.

Showing her piracy skills she was soon promoted to the rank of pirate.