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Alyhs is the captain of crew The Eternal Hydrae and queen of the flag Echidna's Children on the Hunter Ocean. She is a fleet officer of the crew Shooting Stars of Sage on Sage Ocean.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Hunter Ocean
    • Captain of The Eternal Hydrae (12 November 2006 to present)
    • Princess of the Dawn Treader Voyagers (January 2007 to September 2007)
    • Married Silverspoon (in-game) in July 2007
    • Helped form the flag Echidna's Children on 11 September 2007 and was officially made monarch 11 October 2007)
    • Honorable Mention in the "One-Hour Writing Contest!" held on 19 August 2007 (for which she won a Blue and Navy Feather trinket
  • Sage Ocean
    • Fleet Officer and founding member of Shooting Stars of Sage (February 2006 to present)
    • Received her peg-leg on her first sinking blockade
    • Beat a hearty at a bet on who could stay online, non-stop for the longest time (logging only for game reboot), playing constantly for 37 hours and 43 minutes. She won a row house and furnishings for 2 rooms.


Alyhs stumbled upon the world of Puzzle Pirates many seasons ago. She started on the blue oceans and subscribed for almost 6 months before she stumbled upon the green oceans. It is on Sage that she finally settled in until Hunter ocean opened where she wandered during a bet with a hearty. She met Draak and his crew and joined up. In November 2006 Draak was unable to continue being captain due to real life issues, and so she was given the role of captain.

In December 2007 she got together with her SO's and renamed the crew (from Drake van die Osean to TEH) and joined the flag Dawn Treader Voyagers. It was there she met the pirate who would sweep her off her feet and keep her up to all hours of the night. A pirate she would meet in Vegas, plot murder with, and eventually marry (in-game). As some time passed, she began to feel like there was more that she needed to do, and so, with the support of her wonderful SO's and her adoring (and adorable) husband, she started a new flag, Echidna's Children on 11 September 2007.