Slooper Mario Brothers

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Slooper Mario Brothers
Left-facing Shipyard (upgraded) on
Terra Island (Jade Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Edwardteach
Manager(s) Wraithsix, Kewllass
Erected September 2005
Dusted Date unknown
Building-Cerulean-Slooper Mario Brothers.png

Slooper Mario Brothers was an upgraded shipyard shoppe on Terra Island on the Cerulean Ocean.


The building started under a cloud of confusion. It was originally founded as a gift to the flag Nation Of Poe Snatchers from Dragon's Fury, for assistance in helping them during Terra II. While the name for the shoppe was provided by Epimetheus, the construction site deed was originally given to Rummie, king of Nation Of Poe Snatchers.

During the construction of the shoppe, Hurricane took control via Terra III, thereby transferring the deed to Bnavver, King of Hurricane.

After Hurricane declared its intent to blockade Terra, Rummie attempted to sell the construction site as he had planned when it was placed, but he failed to explain to the buyers that the shoppe must be built before the island changed hands, or the deed would go to the new governor. This was an aspect of Game Design that many players, especially those on the relatively new ocean of Cobalt, did not previously know about.