Release 2011-06-28

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Salvaging Sinking Ships

From the Release Notes:
  • Ship Salvaging
    • Ships that are sunk in battle can now be restored to their former glory. At the time of sinking, the deed-holder will be granted a bottle containing an image of their sunken ship.
    • This bottle dusts after 60 calendar days.
    • To have the ship repaired, bring the bottle to a shipyard and select the new "Salvage yer Ship" option. Then drag your bottled ship onto the shipyard interface.
    • Your bottled ship will be passed to the shipyard where it will be used to reconstruct your ship as it was (including paint, furniture, props, and name). The cost is equal to constructing a new ship of that class, and requires the same commodities, amount of labor, and doubloons (on doubloon oceans).
      • For LE ships, the cost is the same as the base ship type. For example, repairing a sunken Phantom-class sloop requires the same commodities and labor as constructing a new, regular sloop.
      • When a vessel sinks, all items in the hold, booty, and on the navigation table will be removed, and all cannons will reset back to being unloaded.
    • When the repairs are completed and the order is delivered, the pirate who paid for the repairs at the shipyard will be granted the new vessel deed.
  • New Items
    • Crown of Chaos design available in exchange for Vargas trinkets.
    • New Cursed Isles rewards from chests:
      • Chaos Cauldron and Cursed Altar (furniture)
      • Enthralled Mask
      • Alligator pet
  • Rogue Marks & Shanghais
    • Removed Shanghais (all Shanghais have already been migrated to Rogue Marks)
    • Some cosmetic changes to the Rogue Mark Shoppe. Services have been broken out into tabs.
    • Familiar and pet rename and recolor services are no longer available for Pieces of Eight. They can now only be purchased with Rogue Marks.
    • Clicking on a pet, familiar, or deed now offers menu options that will take you to the Rogue Mark Shoppe for all your renaming or recoloring needs.
  • Bugfixes
    • Expedition Compasses will no longer be removed if you happen to fight a BK of the same type as the compass, but not actually spawned by the compass.
    • It is no longer be possible to re-enter a stationary expedition while the sinking of the vessel is taking place.