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Kriscri is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean.


  • During some months Kriscri was one of the Formers of Relaxing Pirates for the new members.
  • Kriscri was a shipyard owner at Gaea (Berth Mother). One of the best on all over Midnight.
  • Kriscri fighted hardly at Crew/Flag event and won a Starfish.(Im very sad cause cant remember all matters on a ship. Im so sorry !)
  • Kriscri participated in a timed gunnery competition and was so nervous that she forgot to stop the time with her mousse and didnt win. But she did one of the better times anyway.(Her captain Piranne was proud of her and Kriscri felt really good for that).
  • For a whole 2 days Kriscri was #1 Gunnery in Midnight and #3 Entire Ocean (never understand this >.<)
  • Kriscri placed 3rd in a "Fight Club" 2006, where she won a Stars Belt.
  • Kriscri placed 4th in a "Foot Brawl" 2006.
  • Kriscri placed 3rd in a "Arrrmageddon" 2006, where she won a Phantom Chalice.
  • Kriscri placed 5th in a "Santa Rampage" 2006, where she won a tasty Mulled of Wine.
  • Kriscri placed 2nd (Cyclops team), in a "Summer Games" 2008 (25th August), where she was favored by the Gods with Glittering Gold.


The little pirate called Kriscri was born at Gaea dock on August 11th 2004 in a very similar Jenjo way.

Kriscri started to play without knowing how to play, only seeing other pirates walking or in a mission. After 2 days her stats came up and she discovered a lot of things without help. The more important thing was BILGE and GUNNERY puzzles (her 2 loved puzzles).

Kriscri joined a crew called The Sea Dogs. This crew had some discrepancies and split and she was caught in the middle.

She was very lost when a beautiful, blonde and friendly pirate called Kahlida saved her from a crazy afternoon. kahlida was very kind and presented her lovely captain Piranne to kriscri.

At the beginning Piranne didnt want kriscri on her crew (maybe because she had low stats and was very greenie ), but after a while she accepted kriscri as a new member of the crew.


Some time later, Kriscri and her boyfriend in Real Life Lucer opened their first shipyard stall. This way they entered the shipbuilding business on Gaea Island, their Home. They ran it for about 3 years, but not enough time to play made them close it.


Kriscri bla bla..

Nothing at the moment but still trying !!