Known bugs

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For game bugs, please see the Technical Issues Forum where hopefully someone can give you a hand.

This page tracks known bugs in the YPPedia, and current status. It is intended for GreyHavens developers to maintain. Suspected issues should be discussed on the talk page.

Major issues

  • User accounts that existed prior to the MediaWiki upgrade that had more then the first letter of their account name capitalized are not currently able to log in under that user name. For example, user ABCDEF can only log in under Abcdef.
  • User accounts with an underscore in their names are unable to log in. The login page will always reply with "incorrect password."
  • New thumbnails do not currently work, instead an error message is displayed. Older thumbnails still work correctly as long as they do not need to be updated.

Minor issues

  • If a particular large page is included via a {{showhide}} (Usage) box, a link to showhide may appear on the page instead. A workaround is to link rather than include the page in question.
  • Some pet templates may not work correctly, instead showing a seemingly random spot on the corresponding pet grid.
  • File histories are booched in some cases.
  • Some special pages do not work, instead redirecting to the Main Page.