Heavens Aligned

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Heavens Aligned at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Alain of Six Leagues Under
Member crew(s) Heavens Aligned, Six Leagues Under
Dormant or disbanded as of 17 August, 2006

On July 24, 2005, Heavens Aligned was formed by the merger of Northern Lights and Lost Legion. Both of these original flags had history dating back to Azure, and there were high hopes for the new flag. From the very beginning, however, there was ideological conflict between several high ranking members. This came to a head with the failed blockade of Lagniappe and simultaneous loss of Gaea Island. These events, as well as internal political tension, first led to Greasy - the founder of the No Homers flag - retiring from the Heavens Aligned; in October, The Imperial Fists and Knights of the Republic crews followed suit and embarked on a two month sabbatical from the flag looking for a new home. These crews ended up in Notorious Fandango, ironically the flag that had taken Gaea from them in the blockade several months earlier.

The remaining crews from Lost Legion and the crews from Northern Lights continued as Heavens Aligned, just with less internal conflict. They retained control of Endurance until April 29, 2006, when the island was taken by the flag Backlash.

In July, the mates still in Heavens Aligned moved to the flag Mumbo Jumbo, of which Cadavereye from HA'S crew Moose Overboard is monarch.