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Backlash at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Seagram of Pillow Fight
Member crew(s) Pillow Fight, Mortifer Ovis
Dormant or disbanded as of 12 October, 2008
Favicon.png Flag Info

Backlash was a flag on the Midnight Ocean. It was founded on October 1, 2005.

Public Statement

G'day Matey! Tis' be the flag Backlash, a band of pillaging, tarting and trading pirates lookin' for a new isle to call home. We be always interested in gaining a few new scallywags to help terrorize the high seas! We enjoy good laughs, hearty friends and of course fine rum. We enjoy a good PVP and some twisted humor. We are in search of an isle to call home, so watch your shores for a chest someday. We enjoy this game for what it is ...a game, but we also enjoy playing this game to its fullest. We want new experiences, but we want to have fun experiencing them. So hop on 'matey, it is going to be one hell of a ride! Backlash is always looking for new crews to join our flag. If ye be looking for some fun with a great group o' scallywags send any royalty a /tell. We are always interested in new alliances. Backlash is a flag of loyalty; therefore we will always support our allies and ask for the same in return. If your flag is interested in an alliance with Backlash speak with a royal to initiate the alliance proposal. Anyone interested in contacting us ye should visit our flag forum at:


After being founded by Legacy, of Swift Retribution, the Flag first gained great momentum with the joining of Pillow Fight in October of 2005 after leaving their previous flags due to differences of opinions.

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