Mumbo Jumbo

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Mumbo Jumbo at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Cadavereye of Moose Overboard
Member crew(s) Moose Overboard, Mysterious Charm, Six Leagues Under, The Tritons
Dormant or disbanded as of 1 January, 2007

Mumbo Jumbo was founded in the year 2006 on July 6 by the crews Bellacos Banditos and Moose Overboard.


Royalty spots are reserved for founding members of the flag and elected members of crews featuring at least 15 active members. The royalty members currently areMadeline of Six Leagues Under, andMeany of Moose Overboard.

Flag Articles


Mumbo Jumbo's most substantial mission is that we have no mission. We have no political motives or ambitions at this time, and we do not foresee this changing in the near future. Our flag was created to avoid excessive politics and scheming. Currently we have no desire to possess an island or obtain any formal alliances. Mumbo Jumbo's sole purpose is to enjoy the game as we see fit and to attain crews with the same liberal objectives.


Any crew interested in joining Mumbo Jumbo is welcome to speak with one of our royalty. We do not have any standards regarding crew size. We do however require that all new crews be voted in by a majority of our royal representatives.


Upon joining Mumbo Jumbo, all crews are eligible to have one titled member. After one month time, crews with a minimum of 15 active non-alternate members are permitted to have their titled member become royalty. Titled positions are also given to flag members as an honor for demonstrating dedication, loyalty and/ or invaluable assistance to the flag. Any captain or royalty representative may proffer a pirate they feel is deserving of this honor. Said person will be given a titled position if approved by the majority of our royalty.


At all possible times, the decisions of the flag will be made by the royalty as a whole. In order for a measure to pass, it must be confirmed by a majority of the royal representatives. There will be times when immediate decisions are necessary. In such occasions, all royal members may not be available for consultation, as well as times when our monarch must act on her own judgment. The flag will stand behind all decisions, under any of these circumstances. Royalty and titled members will have one scheduled meeting a month to discuss any relevant issues. Times and dates for meetings will be posted in the forums before-hand and minutes or dialog will be posted proceeding the meeting.


We are not accepting alliances at this time, but we leave this issue tabled for consideration in the future.

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