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Framling is currently a Senior Officer and First Mate in The British Eagles.


Framling was working on a fishing vessel in September 2005 when it capsized in one of the fierce storms common to the North Viridian. Stranded alone on a tiny desert island, she eked out a survival-level existence until the captain of the Pollywog spotted the smoke from her fire and sent a jollyboat out to rescue her. While sailing with them to land, Framling realised that while fishing provided a safer source of income, the potential for great wealth and daring deeds lay with a life of piracy!

She haunted the docks of Sakejima Island, sailing with many a crew. Soon she jobbed on with the British Eagles aboard the war frigate Moral Gar, where her sailing skill and feats of rigging-clambering caught the eye of one Suci, a senior officer. He offered her permanent membership on the spot.

She quickly discovered she had a knack for sailing and was inept at best at loading cannons, often winding up tangled in the wadding rags. She persisted, however, until Suci again took an interest and promoted her to Pirate. From there an officership came quickly. Booyoov tutored her in the theoretical side of officership, but her practical education came from frequently observing some of the ocean's finest in action.

As an officer, she initially specialised in the field of Executive Officering. She began on pillages, and first XO'd in a blockade shortly before her flag, Scuppering Seven Seas, became The Borg and embarked on its quest for domination of Viridian. The true test of her abilities came one weekend in which the Borg were involved in five simultaneous blockades.

She was promoted to Senior Officer in early 2006, became First Mate shortly afterwards, and occasionally serves as captain of the British Eagles. On October Sixth, 2007, after serving as Vice-Admiral in the first successful attack on Terra Island in over a year, she became a Princess of Regnum Irae. She also manages Clothes to Perfect on Kirin Island. Her next steps are to increase the number of female rockstar navigators in the Viridian Ocean by becoming one, and to form an Executive Officers' Union to reduce the disparity in wages between Executive Officers and Navigators freelancing in other flags' blockades.

Miscellaneous Information And Achievements

- Framling is the Official Chronicler of the Adventures of Demeter's Pony, subsequent to writing The Saga Of Demeter's Pony, or, The Bravest Pony Ever, for which effort Demeter awarded her the title and a sleeping turtle, named A'tuin.

- Framling is the originator of the phrase "Chalice the Smurfs".

- Framling was one of the navigators in the first interocean blockade.

- Framling served as Vice-Admiral for Regnum Irae on the October Sixth, 2007, blockade at Terra Island.