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Benazo is a pirate on the Emerald Ocean. He is a senior officer in the crew Cubelets and a member of the flag Pandorica.

Benazo started out on the Cobalt ocean in September 2007, as it was the default ocean that appeared when he first tried the game. After learning about the doubloon oceans, he moved to hunter in December 2007 under the same name. After some searching around with some crews, he settled in with the crew Melabolgia, which was captained by Jarnie, probably in early 2008.

He left Melabolgia because he wanted a change of scene, however the exact dates cannot be recalled. It was probably mid-2008. He joined a crew named something like Atlantean Invaders or something, which was captained by Empoleo. Little did Ben know, but the crew was to be merged with Royal Angels FWF Stars within a week. Upon the merge, Benazo was made a fleet officer in FWF stars, and was promoted to senior officer within a month or two.

Benazo stayed in FWF stars for approximately a year, until circa mid 2009 when he joined Mirage, when prompted to by Imrans, a close friend. Here Ben joined as an officer and gradually worked his way up to senior officer. Here he stayed until he felt Mirage was losing its former swagger, as the captain Imrans had left.

In circa mid 2010 upon being dissatisfied with Mirage, Benazo joined -Frozen-, which had been something he had wanted to do since he started playing, as -Frozen- was considered one of the elite crews on the Hunter ocean. Here Ben went from officer to fleet officer to senior officer and stayed, happily, until he founded his own crew.

In April 2011, Ben made his own crew, and named it That Sinking Feeling. Ben made this crew with his closest friend from Puzzle Pirates, Cy. Although the crew did not really go anywhere, it was a lot of fun and Ben enjoyed it quite a lot, under the flag of Illusion.

In April 2012, for secret reasons Ben left his crew and joined Squishat in the crew Cubelets, which she had newly created. Benazo is currently a senior officer of Cubelets and at this time happy where he is.

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