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This article is about the pet. For the expedition, see Yeti sighting.
A yeti in a portrait.

A Yeti is a type of pet which can only be won from mystery box promotions or gold boxes, first seen during the December 2013 promotion. Yetis cannot be bought from the palace shoppe.

Certain colors of yeti were called Sasquatches during their release, but are the same as other yetis.

Santa hat-wearing yeti called Festive yeti have also been periodically available.

Standard and/or limited editions

Appearance Obtained From Notes
Banana cream sasquatch
Pets-Banana cream sasquatch.png

Gold boxes (June 2018)

  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: banana
    • Skin: white
Beach plum sasquatch
Pets-beach plum yeti.jpg

Gold boxes (August 2021)

  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: plum
    • Skin: periwinkle
Blue yeti
Pets-Blue yeti.png
blue/light blue


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: blue
    • Skin: light blue
Booched festive yeti
Pets-Booched festive yeti.png


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: spring green, wine, plum, chocolate, sea green
    • Skin: standard yeti colors
    • Hat: lime, ice blue, spring green, banana, wine, plum, chocolate
Chocolate sasquatch
Pets-Chocolate sasquatch.png


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: chocolate
    • Skin: brown
Emerald yeti
Pets-emerald yeti.png


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: emerald
    • Skin: emerald
Festive yeti
Pets-Festive yeti.png
pale silver/pale silver/red


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: standard yeti colors
    • Skin: standard yeti colors
    • Hat: red, green, ice blue
Frost yeti
Pets-Frost yeti.jpg
white/ice blue


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: white
    • Skin: ice blue
Gold yeti
Pets-gold yeti.jpg

Gold box Availability:

  • August 2019 - April 2020
  • August 2020
  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: gold
    • Skin: gold
Pets-Dark wine sasquatch.png
dark wine/wine


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: dark wine
    • Skin: wine
Ice blue yeti
Pets-Ice blue yeti.png
ice blue/ice blue


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: ice blue
    • Skin: ice blue
Love yeti
Pets-Love yeti.png
pale silver/pale silver/red

Gold boxes (February 2019)

  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: hot pink
    • Skin: hot pink
Merry monster
Pets-Cranberry festive yeti.jpg
cranberry/cranberry/light green

Gold boxes (December 2019)

  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: cranberry
    • Skin: cranberry
    • Hat: light green
Plum yeti
Pets-Plum yeti.png


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: plum
    • Skin: purple
Pumpkin Squatch
Pets-Pumpkin yeti.png

Gold boxes (October 2021)

  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: pumpkin
    • Skin: pumpkin


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: brown
    • Skin: brown, white
Shadow yeti
Pets-Shadow yeti.jpg


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: shadow
    • Skin: shadow
Spring green yeti
Pets-spring green yeti.png
spring green/spring green


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: spring green
    • Skin: spring green
Strawberry sasquatch
Pets-Strawberry sasquatch.png

Gold boxes (June 2017)

  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: strawberry
    • Skin: rose
Summer night sasquatch
Pets-Summer night sasquatch.png


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: plum
    • Skin: navy blue

Wine festive yeti
Pets-Wine festive yeti.png


  • Known Colors:
    • Fur: wine
    • Skin: standard yeti colors
    • Hat: red, others unknown


  • Known Colors:
  • Fur:
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Pale Silver
  • Silver
  • White
  • Skin:
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Pale Silver
  • Peach
  • Pink
  • Rose
  • Silver
  • White
  • Cream

Colors available

Pets-Yeti colors.png

Pets-Festive yeti colors.png Pets-Festive yeti hat colors.png

Known yeti and sasquatch sounds

  • Yeti belches.
  • Yeti chuckles softly to itself.
  • Yeti cries mini ice cubes.
  • Yeti emits a fresh, minty scent, with a hint of fish.
  • Yeti growls softly.
  • Yeti hollers, "WHO WANTS EGGNOG?!"
  • Yeti hollers, "WRASSLING TIME!"
  • Yeti inquires, "Sooo... what 'tis this "rum" I hear so much about?"
  • Yeti intones a throaty ballad in a language that ye don't recognize.
  • Yeti mumbles a ribald joke concerning three snow leopards and a pair of yak-fur boots and chuckles quietly.
  • Yeti nibbles a snow cone.
  • Yeti offers a tray of snowball appetizers.
  • Yeti picks teeth with an icicle.
  • Yeti purrs.
  • Yeti raises a bushy eyebrow.
  • Yeti says, "Aye, ye pirates be a bold lot. Yer not Sherpa bold, but not bad, not bad."
  • Yeti says, "CHEESE"
  • Yeti says, "Don't worry, I'm a vegetarian... HAR-HAR-HAWRRR! Sorry, I couldn't keep me face straight."
  • Yeti says, "I gotta cousin who lives in a cave on the north face of Everest. She makes the BEST curry.
  • Yeti says, "I will love ye and squeeze ye and name ye George."
  • Yeti says, "If rum be anything like fermented yak's milk, count me in!"
  • Yeti says, "No, not abomination. Abominable."
  • Yeti says, "ROAAAAAAWRRRR!"
  • Yeti says, "They call me Wild Man of the Snows, Abominable Snowman, Meh-Teh, Migo, and Metoh-kangmi, but ye may call me Scooter."
  • Yeti says, "YAAARRRRRR!"
  • Yeti says, "Ye know, I worked part-time for the fat man in a red suit once."
  • Yeti scratches inappropriately.
  • Yeti seems to judge yer fashion sense.
  • Yeti sings flatly, "LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOOOOOW!"
  • Yeti sniffs yer hair and frowns.
  • Yeti sniffs.
  • Yeti suggests, "DANCE NOW OR YETI SMASH!"
  • Yeti thinks about smashing something with a rock. A big rock.
  • Yeti thinks fondly of ice cream.
  • Yeti whispers, "I think I be in love..."
  • Yeti whispers, "I'm not here. This isn't happening."
  • Yeti winks
  • Yeti yawns, baring enormous teeth.

Known festive yeti sounds

  • Festive Yeti decks the halls.
  • Festive Yeti demands a hug.
  • Festive Yeti points at the mistletoe.
  • Festive Yeti pulls a cracker.
  • Festive Yeti says, "Ho, Ho, Ho!"
  • Festive Yeti says, "PIE!"
  • Festive Yeti sings flatly, "JINGLE BELLS, PIRATES SMELL, THE KRAKEN LAID AN EGG..."
  • Festive Yeti sneezes.