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YPPedia:History guidelines

From YPPedia

There are many "Histories" to be maintained in the game.

  • Many events are held other than blockades.
  • Many flags maintain a history on their page. If you don't find the flag you're after... add it!


There is a growing effort to provide accounts of the history of the game. Because of the often heavy emotional investment people have in these events, concern over the accuracy and validity of one account over another is natural. In the context of a wiki, where there is an aura of an official stamp of approval, the concern can be magnified.

This article is an attempt to provide some basic understanding to historical writing, and how one should approach it. This is by no means a complete guide, and should not be taken as the be-and-end-all of such writing. However, it should give people a good benchmark for the sort of histories they wish to provide.

The first thing to understand is the difference between primary and secondary sources. If an event happened, you were there, and later wrote about it, that is a primary source. If an event happened, and you were not there, but heard about it from someone else and then wrote about it, that is a secondary source.

Most histories written will be primary sources. If you write such, it is believed that the account is of your own experiences, and that you are relating your memory accurately.

If you write a history of secondary sources, you must reference them. (And, to avoid confusion, note what moments you did experience.) Given the technology of the internet, hyperlinking to things other players have written is easy. If there is a case where the original source is unavailable, a footnote explaining what your source is will often suffice.

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