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Xzibitloki is a fleet officer and Wench of the crew Up Your Booty and member of the flag Bite Me on the Hunter Ocean.


Xzibitloki joined the jolly world of Puzzle Pirates as a puzzled pirate in the calm months of March 2006. Ever energy filled, he joined his first pillage just to get planked for saying,"Wow when you sail, you make the ship fly!" Unfazed, Loki went on with his first day on Puzzle Pirates learning the mechanics of the game.

Before long, Xzibitloki joined a random crew which promoted him to officer. Grasping all there is to know on how to be an officer, Loki quickly rose through the ranks and became senior officer. However, some social problems with his crew arose so Loki left the crew and joined another crew, Up Your Booty, while on a pillage with his sister Jaska. Zapacitul soon promoted Xzibitloki to be an officer after seeing his dedication to the crew.

Xzibitloki is usually found at inns, houses or ships playing the puzzles he enjoys. He prefers Bilging, Carpenting, Gunning, Navigating, Rumbling, and/or Treasure Hauling during pillages or other ship activities. When performing labor duties, Loki enjoys Alchemizing or Blacksmithing. At the end of the day, Loki relaxes by playing his favorite parlor games, Poker and Treasure Drop.

Xzibitloki remains with the crew today being a humble fleet officer spamming crew chat with licks and entertaining his beloved crew while frequently seen giving new and potential officers the officer test. Loki can also be seen joining pillages, blockades, sea monster hunts and even on occasion war battles.

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