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Whirlwind at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Captain Flowerpower
Senior Officer(s) None
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Crimson
Founded 12 May, 2005
Dormant or disbanded as of 16 February, 2012

Whirlwind was a crew that sails the Cobalt Ocean. The crew flew the flag of Crimson.


Whirlwind was originally founded under the name Dragon Claw by captain Mixu on 12 May, 2005.

In April of 2007 the crew was renamed to Whirlwind by captain Mixu.

26th April, 2007 the crew founded the flag of Whirlwind.

14th October, 2007 the crew removed and remade their flag, naming the new flag Crimson.

26th October, 2007 Mixu started playing a pirate named Mikael. Mikael was promoted to be the captain of the Whirlwind crew and the king of the Crimson flag.

Early 2008 Senior Officer Flexijak goes inactive. Mikael decides that the crew will not accept players who wish to join anymore.

At some point in 2008 the crew would only allow the use of officer and higher ranking clothing and removed all members except captain Mikael and senior officer Flowerpower.

2009 Mikael leaves the crew and quits the game.

Public Statement

There's a time for the good in life, a time to kill the pain in life, dream about the sun you queen of rain.

Promotion Requirements

...it's that easy...

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