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Wenchbrandi is currently senior officer of Dragon Fire and a princess of the flag What The Falchion. She was the queen of the flag Wench.

Contributions and accomplishments

Former governor of Labyrinth Moors and Olive Island.

  • Hosted numerous event blockades on Labyrinth Moors and Olive while governor.


Wenchbrandi started her illustrious pirating career on the Cobalt Ocean on the island of Cochineal Island in the summer of 2007 and shortly was recruited to Highway to Hell. After working her way up, she and other members of Highway to Hell left to form the crew Flirts and Damsels and create a successful crew and flag. You can find Wenchbrandi on Cursed Isle, Atlantis, and other fun voyages. Or sometimes just sitting around the dock, tarting it up.

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