Weirdy Beardys

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Weirdy Beardys at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Synbios
Senior Officer(s) Cyrce, Scurvyscriv, Ticle
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Sirens of the Sea
Founded 24 September, 2005
Dormant as of 10 January, 2011
Crews-Weirdy Beardys.jpg

Weirdy Beardys was a crew that sails the Sage Ocean. The crew flew the flag of Sirens of the Sea.


Weirdy Beardys was founded by Nordenweazal, Scurvyscriv, Feck and Biggirl on 24 September, 2005. Many of the Weirdy Beardys crewmates were originally from the crew Royal Britain. Feck served as crew's captain and it is under his leadership that Howtie, Ladyonona and Whitesails were brought into the crew as officers.

The crew quickly grew and soon joined the flag of Fearless Privateers under the monarchy of Sexyangela.

On 15 October, 2006 Ladyonona was elected as captain when Fleck took and extended leave of absence. Following this transition in leadership the crew's organization and politics was changed to democratic.

In April of 2007 Cherokee Nation of Sage under the captaincy of Laughwater & Powermonkey, proposed merging into Weirdy Beardys. The proposal was soon accepted by vote and all officers of Cherokee Nation of Sage were been promoted to officers in the combined crew.

In May, 2008 crew members have decided by unanimous vote to quite Fearless Privateers flag under the monarchy of Alfhild and accepted proposal to join from Sirens of the Sea with Mahr as monarch.

Public Statement

Welcome to the Weirdy Beardys.

Sail the Sage Ocean with a fair crew.

If ye be skilled in the pirate arts, you may be offered a promotion.

We are a learning crew so we welcome the experience of others.

Show loyalty and promise and ye will go far.

All crew memeber are advised to register with their pirate name the crew's forum. This will enable better crew comunication.

Crew Articles

OK I know there are puzzles that people don't like but we all like cash and if you want lots of it you got to work as a team. So here's the deal, if an officer orders you to do a puzzle its probably for a good reason. Please obey now and discuss later...

  1. If the ship is full of hole it will fill the bilge up with water and then drag the ship so we can't sail. So priorities are:
    1. Carp: fill up them holes
    2. Bilge: get that water out of there
    3. Sail: let's move our butts and fire some lead at them for a change
  2. If you want to know how to do a puzzle follow this link
  3. Work or ye be walkin' the plank...yarr
  4. Always Ask Permission to board (PTB) before boarding a ship
  5. Booty be shared at port ONLY Beg for it and ye may get a lesser share (as it be annoying and distracting)
  6. No leaving in midst of battle if ye be yellow, ye be expelled
  7. Respect yer Officers
  8. Ye must be a pirate of proven skill to Gun or Nav aboard our ships !

Promotion Requirements

  • Pirate: Ye must prove ye skills in battle and loyalty to the crew and be at least BROAD in sail, carp, bilge... As a Pirate your Duty is to improve your skill in Gunning
  • Officer: Ye must have at least SOLID in carp, sail, bilge, gun and pass the officer test in Battle Navigation.
  • Fleet Officer: Officer who have proved their worth may be offered the rank of Fleet Officer. Fleet Officer's should have at least one weighty and be solid in battle navigation. Fleet Officers must assist Senior Officers in managing the crew.
  • Senior Officer: Must invest in the crew, to hold this rank, you must demonstrate yer loyalty to the crew, by putting yer money were yer mouth is. It is the Job of Senior Officers to bring the crew toward excellences

Note: Officer promotion is on Merit, Do not ask to be promoted. And If you have trained enough in Navy Battle Navigation, we will assess you and offer you a commission after a battle navigation test.

Crew Spirit

Quotes from the members of Weirdy Beardys:

"I wouldn't leave this crew for all the poes and titles of the Sage ocean... Foremost i wouldn't leave you Capt'n !"

"I care more for people than poes... and more about being fair than being greedy..."

Sir Whitesails, Senior officer

"I would like to come back in Weirdy Beardys, cause a crew is not a crew without you"

Pirate Samyogo

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