Weird Flex Summer Giveaway!

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Prizes worth over 10 million PoE to be given away in our Weird Flex Summer Giveaway


Pillaging with Weird Flex! Giveaways worth over 10 million in PoE!

  • Who: YOU! All pirates may apply for a job off the notice board. We have heard whispers of a possible surprise Ocean Master visit during the pillage!
  • When: Loading for the pillage starts on Saturday, July 2nd from 7AM Game Time. We will be doing a minimum of 30 battles with a total pillage duration of 12 - 14 hours. We do not expect jobbers to stay for the entire pillage so you may leave and rejoin again at a later stage, however the longer you stay, the more entries you acquire for the GRAND PRIZE.
  • What: Weird Flex But Ok (crew) is hosting a gift pillage with prizes worth over 10 million PoE and a grand prize raffle of 2 million PoE to be given away! Pirates with top result on duty reports after each battle will be paid (tops)! Trivia while we wait to load the ship with random prizes!
  • Why: We want to bring the old school pillages back! Big ship, full of jobbers, lots of fun! The way the Puzzle Pirate community should be and to make it appealing we are offering awesome prizes for pirates that sail the seas with us!
  • Where: Emerald Ocean, come job on the noticeboard on Saturday, July 2nd from 7AM Game Time!
  • Commanding Crew: Skinnyminnie/Giftgiver (jobber/gifting support), Speckle (XO), Distracted (battle navigator/bnav support), Tyrantus (battle navigator/bnav support) - all battle navigation questions should be directed to Distracted and Tyrantus, all general questions, station requests and afk informing to Skinnyminnie and Speckle, all gift related questions to be directed to Giftgiver, if you're not sure who to ask a question, ask Skinnyminnie/Speckle and you will be directed to the right person.

This entire pillage and gift process will be streamed on Twitch


  • Different gifts with a cumulative value of over 10 million PoE, including familiars, Ocean Master contributed gifts, limited edition pets, ships and more!
  • Grand prize raffle of 2 million PoE!
  • Tops paid after every battle!
  • Sporadic spot prizes!


Gift Process

Step 1 Prizes are given out randomly, after each battle won to a pirate that stayed for the swordfight/rumble fray, using an online "spin the wheel" ( application to choose a name of the winning pirate (list of names from "Winners" of the fray are copy/pasted onto the wheel).


Step 2 After a player is chosen using the random name selection wheel, another wheel will be spun to decide that player's present.


Step 3 Trade the pirate the gift and carry on to the next battle! Winner MUST be immediately available for trade with Giftgiver at the time of selection otherwise a new winner will be selected.


  • The grand prize of 2 million PoE works on a raffle system.
  • Each battle you are present (with rules being followed) automatically gives you an entry to the grand prize raffle.
  • Random entries to the raffle for good performance and/or stationing consistence, will also be awarded.
  • At the end of the pillage a mega-random draw will be done and a winner chosen.
  • You DO NOT have to be present when the winning raffle ticket is drawn. If the winner is not present at the time they are selected, we will attempt to contact them in game for 1 week. We will also post the winner in the results section below so that the winner can attempt to contact us (Distracted, Skinnyminnie, Speckle, or Tyrantus) during the week too. If we are unable to contact the winner, a new winner will be selected.

Wheel spins, raffle, and prizes won will be streamed on Twitch! Joining the stream is OPTIONAL and not compulsory to be eligible for prizes. ALL winner results will be posted in the "Results" section within 24-hours of the pillage ending.


All pillage and game rules apply. No straight-lining on battle swordfights/rumble (frays) without warning that you are away from keyboard. No consecutive booched duty reports (lazing on puzzle) will be accepted. No botting. Players contravening the rules will be planked and muted, making them ineligible for rejobbing. Anyone can job on notice board.


Total of 33 battles: 30 wins, 3 losses

Total of 33 gifts and 1 grand prize awarded to the following people (in order of gift number not in winning order)

# Gift Order Winner
1 UN Spider (Aqua, Peach) Xqcl
2 Hera Egg Dolldoll
3 UN Parrot (Black, Tan Atkxnick
4 UN Spider (Peach, Aqua) Itsapirate
5 UN Aqua Krakling Tissuebox
6 Un Spider (Tan, Yellow) Cganya-East
7 Sloop - Gunpowder Class Dyv
8 N Serpent (Indigo, Blue) Dwolf
9 UN Watermelon Dog Viciogunz
10 Hera Bust Blackstorm-West
11 UN Parrot (Black, Tan) Blondeey
12 N Serpent (Navy, White) Trombones
13 N Sea Horse (Atlantean) Spor
14 Hera Swordfight Dummy Najthoan
15 N Sea Horse (Atlantean) Riddleraider
16 N Tan Octo Danimalsounds
17 Sloop - Lagoon Class Blueie
18 Sealed Deed - WF - Banana/White/Banana Helium
19 UN Krakling (Violet) Sniperbeast
20 Hera Rumble Dummy Millark
21 UN Sea Horse (Navy) Theriggler
22 Sealed Deed - Mark II Sloop Banana/White/Banana Captnswag
23 Hera Egg Straft
24 Sloop - Vampirate Class Legionis
25 UN Dog (Shadow/Wine) Roselips
26 N Aqua Krakling Dexio
27 N Sea Horse (Blue) Piratelich
28 UN Spider (Peach, Yellow) Lovelylilyrose
29 Sealed Deed - Mark II Sloop Banana/White/Banana Sotzy
30 Hera Egg Itsapirate
31 N Serpent (Indigo, Grey) Dalekosix
32 UN Pet Rock (Rock) Touareg
33 Hera Egg Nerdx

Grand Prize Winner of 2 million PoE: Atkxnick