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Waterdragons at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Captain Kaolin
Senior Officer(s) Schiffsbauer
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Liquid Fire
Founded 11 November, 2003
Last updated on 25 March, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

Waterdragons were first founded in Azure Ocean by Maus. On the Midnight Ocean they were then refounded by Bonsaii.

At the end of Azure and the beginning of Midnight, Waterdragons were member of the flag The Infidels. When the flag became more and more inactive, Waterdragons left and joined the Dead Parrots Society. But they soon noticed that they did not like the political structure of the flag and left.

They then founded the flag Liquid Fire, which allows them to participate in politicals to any degree they choose.

Waterdragons logo

Public statement

A true Waterdragon is... y'know, a big lizard. And probably wet. Probably. Or something.

Extended public statement

Ahoy, mate!

There be a ancient yarn, told in whispered voices by old hands across the Ocean Sea. In the ancient days, it be said, ships sailing the unknown waves would, without warning, become surrounded by waters so rough and violent as to seem boiling. And out of the boiling sea, Dragons would appear. Longer than a Frigate, covered in scales that sparkled as the brightest silver, these creatures of the depths would encircle the ship and cut off any hope of escape. And then, they would attack!

In battle they were fierce, any resistence to their might was futile. The many creatures attacked as a single entity, and if any one dragon found itself threatened, it's siblings were soon by its side. One by one the sailors would fall to the Dragons' blades.

"We do not want your deaths" the fearsome wyrms would tell their victims, "simply the bounty of your hold and purses." "For these are our waters, and all that pass must pay tribute."

Given their fill, the Dragons would depart and leave the survivors to find their destination in peace. But any who dared refuse the tribute, would soon find their bones crushed between the Dragons' teeth. Thus was every map marked, in places where every pirate feared to sail, with the fell warnings: "Here there be Dragons!"

Now the Waterdragons have returned, and we will have our booty!!!

We own 2 crew shops. These are the weavery "Knot as it Seams" and the iron monger "Heavy Metal". You find them on Gaea Island. Feel free to take jobs.