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V-I-M-T-O at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Captain None
Senior Officer(s) Drinkbooze, Pappy, Peru, Xypetotec
Organization Oligarchic, Led by Pappy
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Cooler
Founded 1 March, 2006
Last updated on 25 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info

V-I-M-T-O is a crew of the Meridian Ocean. It was founded on 1 March 2006 by those who were expelled from Ming's Dynasty.


V-I-M-T-O stands for Viridian Independent Merchant Trading Organization. It is one of the smaller, more close knit crews on the Viridian Ocean and hails from Sakejima Island in the Jade Archipelago. Unlike most crews that are led by a captain and, secondarily, by the senior officers, V-I-M-T-O is ruled oligarchicly, and all decisions are made jointly by the senior officers.

V-I-M-T-O is highly active in the merchanting aspect of the game, and runs multiple crew shoppes and stalls. The members use the profits from these shoppes to train and expand the crew.

After a time in the flag Cry Havoc, where some good friends were made, the crew decided to part ways, and to pursue its goals independently. That policy was upheld until 14 July 2006 when they became founder members of the flag Horizon's Edge. After a long time in this flag the crew again parted company and eventually set up its own flag The Cooler

Public Statement

March 1st, 18:18:31 2006 Vimto was created. Originally invented in 1908!!

Ahoy and welcome to V.I.M.T.O, the Viridian Independent Merchant Trading Organisation, we are a fun loving crew who just like to mess about and have fun. WE DO NOT WANT TO JOIN YOUR FLAG WE HAVE OUR OWN AND WE DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE IT!!!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL are welcome to join us, but anybody who does will join as CABIN CREW with NO stats, or Pirate if they have the REQUIRED stats for promotion, if ye have stats good enough for Officer ye will be joined as PIRATE and put forward for officer training after a WEEK. We do NOT tolerate begging from crew members, anyone who does this after being warned will be demoted, if they are cabin crew they will be expelled.

NO WE DO NOT WANT TO MERGE WITH YE! we will however accept any crew who wishes to merge into us :)

Aye we are very aware of the fact we have no captain! the simple reason fer this is that as an oligarchic crew we have no need fer a captain thus we did away with the formality of it. Hope this clears the matter up fer ye all :P

Crew Stalls

The crew also run a number of stalls, all flag members get discount.

Also the flag house is located on Kirin Island.

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