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This template is for user pages. It is a slightly scaled down version of the Userpage Yaten has. Note, this page only supports two languadges. If you have less, inser the appropriate 1337 tag. There is one for if you don't even know what 1337 is. If you have more, I don't know what you can do. To use, first copy and paste the following into your userpage.
{{User:Pevarnj/User Template|
|To Do=
|Current Projects=
|Licensing=I release all of my contributions to YPPedia, including everything on this user page and all of its subpages, into the public domain. Hence, if you want to use this page's design, or even just the links header design at the top, you are very welcome to do so.
|About Me=
|Pirate Code=
Next, fill in all the information (fill the language spots out as you would the language information on the language templates). On licensing, I only put what I recommended (I think). If you have any questions, please Leave me a message!.