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User:Zoesmydog/featured article contest/Configure voyage

From YPPedia

Featured article: Configure voyage

The Configure Voyage Panel

The Configure Voyage Panel is a menu for officers or above. It is reached by a clicked button on the radial menu of a ship. It has a main goal, to specify which kind of voyage your ship is going on, and a secondary goal, to get information about your voyage to jobbers. The voyage type is selected at any league point or port. Once the voyage type is selected, an icon appears in the corner of the vessel menu on each pirates sunshine widget. These icons are: A skull for pillages, a basket for trade, a flag for blockade, a smiley face for greeters, a wheel and head for Swabbbie Ship Transport, and a ship for flotilla attacks. When you select the Pillage option, you have the ability to change the difficulty of Brigands or Barbarians you are hunting, change which type of enemy you are attacking, and decide whether or not you will be fighting other players. If you engage in PvP and both ships are set to look for barbarians only, a PvP rumble will occur instead of a swordfight. If you select trade, you can decide how many pieces of eight to award jobbers per league point. Good navigation grants special advantages based on the type of voyage, therefore it is in an officer’s best interests to set the correct voyage type.

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