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General forum-tart and attention hog

Captain of Cracker-Throwing Monkey, Ellipse on Viridian
Captain of All You Need is Zaz, Independent on Sage.

Also known as Corabelle, Zazzy, and Pizzazzy. Can be seen at almost every blockade on Viridian.


Contributions and Awards / Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Awarded a red hanky by Nemesis for an impromptu poem in Eurydice's honor: "Eurydice is neat; Eurydice is sweet. She really loves to see our smelly, smelly feet!"
My first skull, my last skellie fight
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From Nemesis for an impromptu poem
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Sea Battle, the social puzzle rating
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Zombies, oh my! (Halloween 2005)
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Never been happier to make last place!
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The History Behind Cracker-Throwing Monkeys

  • The birth of the madness: [1]
  • Superior to the average monkey: [2]
  • A guard against starving devs: [3]
  • My own personal self-defense: [4]
  • They like blockades, too: [5]
  • In celebration of the crew: [6]
  • There is nothing more important: [7]
  • There really should be one: [8]
  • Dag-nab-it, I want one now!: [9]


Zazazu first started out as a cabin person with Ocean Generals back in August 2005. After approximately two weeks with the crew, her scanty knowledge of the political undercurrents of the game caused her to leave the crew. She then discovered the game forums and a tart was born. Forum tart. Not that other kind of tart, you nasty pirate. She spent approximately six months in the crew Psychopaths of the Seas as a pirate and then officer, at which time she attained her first ship, the Loud Bullhead. Due to real-life concerns and in-game ones alike, she left the Psychos to start a new crew under her alt Corabelle, the Cracker-Throwing Monkey. Then came a six month hiatus. Upon her return, the Cracker-Thowing Monkey was turned over to Zazazu. The crew is now a member of the flag Ellipse.

After a nearly five year break from the game, Zazazu returned to find that she is now the solo member of her flag, in a solo crew. While there is a certain poetry to that, she's open to joining another flag...or at least being named Queen of her current. I mean - come on. It's not like there's any competition.

Zazazu has a characteristic aversion to cannonballs and refuses to stock them on her ships, the Loud Bullhead, the Reserved Spot, and the Cracker Barrelfish, as well as on her two little-visited ships on Sage (All You Need is Zaz). Because of this borderline madness, she does not run public pillages. This is also why her Battle Navigation rank will always remain low, despite a respectable win ratio.

Zaz's Hierarchy of Blockade Jobbing

Zazazu attempts to attend every island defending/attacking blockade in the ocean that her work and social life schedule will allow, and also enjoys crashing event blockades. Her blockade-jobbing services are doled out according to the following hierarchy:

  • Flags that post amusing intent threads
  • Zazazu's hearties' flags
  • Flags that dun typ lik dis
  • Defenders

Note: Exceptions will be made upon the offering of cookies or pumpkin pie. Current sinky count: 79

Little-known fact: Zazazu's first pirate was named Keirabrite and was on Sage.

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