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Me name be Tootsee. Please call me Toots for short. I am a Former-retired Viridian , and I am glad I am back! By the way my retired name is Captainblonde! If anyone recognizes me I am frequent Viridianer. But Ye can also see me about 1 hour a day on Sage and Hunter. Charge those Brigand Kings! Get those Imperials! Get That Krakens blood!

I am an original Pirate. In fact when I was younger, (around the age of 3) all I could think about was pirates and dinosaurs!(no wonder why I have such a big imagination :D) I live off of the smell of Krakens Blood! I live off the taste of rum! I also live off of the loyal pirates that play this game.

Be warned fellow pirates. This game be no easy task. I have tried to find time for it everyday of me life.......Unfortunately I can't live off of this game....Over the summer I do.....Tis school be in me way.

My goal is to one day create a flag of all of me best and loyal hearties. Ye won't usually see me haging around in the same inn with the same people who borne me into their crew. For I be searchin' for the most loyal and respected mates in Viridian so we can unite to form the Loyal Subjects of Their Queen Toots. No No No! NO! I shall treat them with respect. I SHANT be a dictator. I WILL NOT live off of their blood. For I live off of Kraken's Blood and Rum. No I will not be the most loyal person you met. I shall be the most responsible and caring. No If ye do not believe this. Go believe Fairy Tales. For this be the truth for all of Viridian and the many many more Oceans of Pirates!

This is a original poem by me. It is called MY DEATH BED.

By the way I wrote this poem when I was sick and I could not Dance for me love of Dance is very strong. (This is during my period of retirement)

I wish I could see the stars

for I am nothing but blind

I wish I could get out of this hospital bed

for I am nothing but paralized

I wish I could see your children

for I am nothing but blind

I wish I could kiss your sweet face goodbye

for my lips are lifeless

So I give you this poem

to remember me by....

I would like to thank Goodomen and many other souls that took me from me retirement state and put me where I belong. I belong on Viridian. I also belong with Goodomen as well. :)I currently am his stalker. XD I follow too much XD