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From YPPedia

Wow... um.... errrr....

Well, I didn't have a user page so um... Um putting stuff here. yeah right... um...

In other words, My page to be continued... yup. yeah.

In other news...

[quote="Shuranthae"]Yes. Clearly the mature thing to do here is for all the adults to gang up on a little kid in a display of superiority. Bravo, good job all.[/quote]

[quote="Apollo"][b]I HATE YOU ALL AND I'M GOING TO LEAVE.[/b][/quote]

Banned or Retired depending on your point of view. [size=1]Well, not really - But apparently being banned or retired is in fashion[/size]

[quote="Artemis"]Of course we cheat, so would you if you had godly magickal powerz![/quote]

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