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Mostly can be seen on Cobalt since I ever started playing.

I enjoy going on a nice pillage from an island to a nearby island. I mostly enjoy soloing on sloops and doing missions with the navy.

On the forums and YPPedia im more well known as Swordblade01. On the forums if you need to send me a pm for any reason, I will have the time. I usually only have about 30 pms in my inbox too.

Puzzle Pirates Code

A++ L Sk- !D DT- C++ P+ Cp- Bl+ Sa+ Gu++ N+++ TH- Sw+ R-- Al++ !BS TP SF+ Rm+ Dr+ Td++++ Sp--- SpN-- Ht? Bn X+:+:+ B Sh+ Pt++ S+ Cl F+++ GD FA+ Wki Scr++ !Bx

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