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Smilidom has no portrait

Smilidom has always been a medium pirate:not rich, but not poor. His stats arent the best ever but as he says they are "considerable"


Smilidom has stopped playing several times, and since he doesn't buy dubloons, his pirate is usually deleted after he stops playing, because of this he had many "lifes", with different pirates, thou he always use the same look, and the same name.

Usually smilidom was a pirate from sage, but one day he decided to move to hunter and start a new pirate life. At the begining he had difficult to start over ( even his sage account wasnt so rich it had a labor badge that he coudnt sell ), but with his friend Nissiano he started a crew called "The Old Empire" the crew went very well and reach almost 40 members in less than a week.

At the begining he didn't had a vessel, the crew vessel called Dedicated Hammerhead ( not anymore in The Old Empire ) was from Nissiano that lend it to Smilidom in order for him to start the crew. In may 2007 he and Nissiano bought a stall ( distiling ) that went well so they got a crew stall and a source of money. Later Nissiano started his own crew called The New Empire ( NOTE: The New Empire is now the name of a flag) that went very well. After a while, The Old Empire began to have some problems and merged with The New Empire. A few weeks later Smilidom stopped playing Y!PP for many reasons. Nissiano stopped playing but logged in once in a while, he gave the crew to another pirate, the crew was renamed to Getting Away Wit Murder. Now the crew has many ships, but fewer members, their actual captain is a pirate named Sawmy.

Smilidom started playing again after over an year, he joined Nissiano's crew, but since he didn't liked the new Captain he left the crew and joined Royal Flush. He quicly sowed his value, and his previous experience in Y!PP, and was promoted to Officer, and a week later to Fleet Officer. After a while, he stopped playing again.

Recently, he started playing again, he quickly got plenty of money, and was able to buy some badges, and a sloop, he joined Fog of War, and quickly raised to the rank of Fleet Officer, due to his previous experience in Y!PP.

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