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A Non-Brief Summary

Part One: Viridian Ocean

Santivak began playing as a pirate in October of 2005 on Viridian ocean. He immediately joined the crew "The Black Flag Mariners", where he learned the basics of Puzzle Pirates. He kept learning and advanced through the ranks to become Officer. However, he was still quite new to the game and because of this, he was not very efficient in the making of Pieces of Eight, so he could not afford an officer badge, despite a friend's attempt to help. Eventually, "The Black Flag Mariners" was merged into a different crew whose name is not remembered currently. This resulted in Santivak's anger at the ex-captain of the ex-crew BFM, Shmeernov. However, he kept following Shmeernov around, which angered Shmeernov. When Shmeernov would switch a crew, so would Santivak. You must remember, Santivak was still quite a greenie at the moment. (Things missing, things forgotten) Eventually, Santivak joined a crew and learned how to battle navigate through the navy missions, and was quite able to defeat anything below an Imperial. (Things missing, things forgotten) One day, Shmeernov, Santivak and Abrennan decided to form a crew, Maiden Voyage. Santivak became officer, but still did not have a badge because of his lacking of the ability to save money and not waste it. Abrennan noticed that Santivak did not have a badge, so she performed an act of great generosity and gave him eight dubloons, the amount required to purchase an Officer Badge at the Palace Shoppe. Santivak said thanks and went off to buy his little badge and learn to pillage. Abrennan showed him how, and Santivak ran his first pillage. Since then, Santivak pillaged every weekend on the three leagues between Terra Island and Prolix Purleau. Eventually, the crew Maiden Voyage deteriorated from its state and eventually died off. Santivak was becoming better at being an officer and at playing Puzzle Pirates when summer of 2006 came.

Part Two: Hunter Ocean

When he returned, in August, he had found that Shmeernov had switched to Hunter ocean under the name Wraessi, and nearly everyone he knew had disappeared. Becoming bored of Viridian, he switched over to Hunter in early September under the same name, and joined the crew which Wraessi was in. He was a Cabin Person in the crew Wicked, and he was horrified to realize that he had all Narrow/Ables, which is common since he had to create a new pirate on Hunter. Eventually, he convinced the captain of his crew, Culture, an extremely nice person, that he had switched from Viridian and had decent stats. Culture, being the nice person he was, promoted Santivak to officer. Santivak, at first, jobbed on pillages and didn't care about getting his stats up. Eventually, though, he did. After a while, he had all broads except for swordfighting, rumble, and both the navigating puzzles in which he had narrows. At this point he had enough Pieces of Eight to buy an Officer Badge, which he bought. He began pillaging, but was not very good at it. He did pull through, but then realized that jobbing for people on /fo would be an easier way to get money. At this point, he began to miss Shmeernov, or Wraessi at this point, as captain. Wraessi was finally convinced to create the crew "Letter of Marque", which began as a small crew, grew to around thirty pirates at its peak, and then began deteriorating. Santivak was then pressured into selling his white/green Sofa by a visitor in his shack. He sold it for 8,000 Pieces of Eight, and eventually realized that he had been ripped off. Oh Well, he said, and he used that money, along with 5,000 he already had (totalling to 13,000 PoE), to buy a sloop. Once he delivered it, he painted it Green/White. By now, Santivak was both missing his old flag, The Eye, and got in a fight with Wraessi. This led to his leaving the crew "Letter of Marque" and rejoining "Wicked", where a good friend Culture promoted Santivak to officer. Santivak then made amends with Wraessi, whose crew, "Letter of Marque" deteriorated. Wraessi rejoined "Wicked" and became Senior Officer once more. Santivak then spent the money he earned on furnishing his sloop. Once it was very nice looking, he pointed his economic spending elsewhere. Where he would spend it, he did not know. Before he knew it, he had 22,000 Pieces of Eight in his pocket, the most he had ever had, and had no idea what to do with it. Then, it struck him. He checked the Doubloon Exchange and found that he had enough money to buy 30 doubloons. 30 doubloons. 30 doubloons was just what one needed to create a crew. Santivak had the correct stats, the deed to his ship, and the money to create a crew. He was just ready to make it when he thought no. He examined his earlier pillages and saw that he was not exactly the perfect leader. He also knew that The Eye, being quite a prominent flag that controlled one third of the populated Hunter Ocean, did not just accept crews in. Santivak did not want to sacrifice his Flag, or become a terrible leader. He did not have statements written, or had talked to anyone about joining the crew, so he just gave up on it and bought a gray/white cat called Matilda, who which he lived happily ever after with his rat, Vak, on the green sloop Cheap Pollack. Well, not really. After an ultra-successfull pillage, he found himself with xx thousand PoE, xx being a double-digit number currently unremembered between 40 and 20. He didn't really know what to spend it on, so he though what the hell, and created a crew, name courtesy of Wraessi. He got ONE person to join after ONE week who made it to Officer and after being pointed and laughed at by Wraessi, he merged it into Deliverance, the crew that Wicked had merged into after the misterious disappearance of Culture... Anyways, he remained in Deliverance under Raina, and eventually bought a cottage and furnished it. Santivak had a lot of money and didn't know where to put it until he discovered poker. He no longer finds himself in that economic situation in which he was before, and doesn't pillage as well, and doesn't really do anything other than bnav and the occasional parlour game.

Current Status

Viridian Ocean

Senior Officer of the crew Maiden Voyage under Abrennan

Member of the flag Infierno De Los Diablos under Antix


Hunter Ocean

Fleet Officer of the crew Deliverance under Raina

Member of the flag The Eye under Fenrir