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Realedazed is a fictional character from the game Puzzle Pirates.

Contributions and Awards

On Midnight:

  • Citizen of Bryne Island.
  • Captain of the crew, Dark Sea Sirens
  • Trinkets and Familiars, coming soon.
  • Weavery stall coming soon to an island near you.

On Sage:

Known Hobbies

If ye are ever up for a game, she's your mate.


Realedazed started her piratey career in the inn and taverns of Byrne Island. She earned a few pieces of eight from various games of chance, cards and an odd sword-fight. After she had her fill of tarting, she took to Navy as her new method of earning coin. She quickly rose through the ranks and is now a Lieutenant and has her eyes set on much higher positions.

Her training in the Byrne Navy gave her the experience and a crew called the Pillaging Raiders allowed her to apply it. She joined up and was immediately promoted to the rank of Officer were she was training in advanced battle and leadership techniques with hopes of being promoted once again to the next level. Unfortunately, she didn't remain with them long enough to see the fruits of her hard work. Real parted ways with the Raiders to sail the seas and seek adventure with one her own. She eventually started her own crew TheDark Sea Sirens.

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