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From YPPedia

Featured article: Ocean Poker Tour


Anyone can play - Every English ocean - Win a familiar

The Ocean Poker Tour is a traveling, recurring poker tournament that visits each of the English production oceans (Midnight, Cobalt, Viridian, Sage, and Hunter) once during each tour and always on a free poker day.

On each ocean, a preliminary round is held where 100 participants (more, in fact, since new players may join as others leave) compete in a multi-table arena where each table's winner advances (a shootout in poker terms). Each table winner also wins a green/green ribbon and all PoE won is kept. The preliminary round format is 20 PoE pot-limit for approximately one hour with unlimited rebuys and reloads.

At each ocean's final table, the preliminary round table winners compete against each other using an entirely different format. They begin with 2 PoE no-limit and with no rebuys or reloads (a freezeout). After approximately 45 minutes, a blind increase will be simulated with the game being recreated at 20 PoE no-limit. Play continues until the ocean champion stands alone and wins a gold signet ring.

At the end of each tour, the ocean champions meet on Midnight and play against each other in a Tournament of Champions. The grand champion wins a tan monkey familiar on the ocean of their choice.

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