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    • Paluka, mainly on Viridian
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About Me

Real Life Me

I am your average 21 years old girl. I'm a french canadian, but I do understand english pretty well. I'm quite shy, so I tend to wait for others to talk to me instead of taking the initiative to talk to the others. I'm like this, sorry! (I also have this kind of habit to always apologize. Here I would say "Sorry!" if I wasn't trying to stop to apologize every 5 minutes)

I'm currently studying Computer Design. Meanwhile, I'm working on your average part-time job for student. I have a pretty boring and tiring schedule (at least in my opinion), so I like to play Puzzle Pirates when I have time to relax.

Puzzle Pirates Me

I started playing in 2005 or 2006. Back then, I didn't play a lot, I guess that is why I have a hard time to get high puzzle ratings.

Now, I usually play Puzzle Pirates on a daily basis. My favorite puzzles are Carpentry, Blacksmithing and Duty navigation. I also like Bilge and Alchemy, but I hate sailing. I'm not a great gunner, but I'm working on it. When not on a boat, I like to play Treasure Drop and Hearts. I'm also trying to get better at Poker, but I tend to lose a lot.

I actually enjoy taking a job on an Atlantis runs every now and then. I do enjoy a little voyage to Cursed Isles too, but it's hard to get accepted on them, because I still have "average" stats. So usually, I only go with my crew, if I can stay up late enough to go with them.

On the forums, I usually look at the threads in Tips & Tricks, New Player Forum, Shore Leave, Piratical Parley, Events, and the Viridian Forums, although I don't actually post a lot.



As boring as it can sound, I wish to get a standing of at least Renowned in all piracy puzzles. It is quite a challenge, considering the fact that I simply HATE sailing. Or the fact that I can't tell fast enough the right or left of the ship on my screen when in b-nav. But I can improve.

  • Carpentry
  • Duty Navigation
Working On
  • Bilging
Far far far ... far away XD

Aw, so much things I don't like/Can't do :(

  • Sailing
  • Gunning
  • Battle Navigation
  • Rumble


I wish to learn how to run a sucessful stall. I'm on my way to it!

  • Stall bought, need to make it sucessful.


I discovered that I love D-nav puzzle. So I started to mem the ocean. I don't want to count every single LP in the ocean, so I decided to count the number of complete route I've memorized.

  • Onyx : 7/26
  • Garnet : 0/24
  • Jade : 0/27
  • Inter-archipelago : 2/3


For now, I'm aiming Ultimate in carpentry and blacksmithing, but there is still some work to do to get them. It seems that those blistering "x" pieces in carpentry do everything to make me go crazy. None when you need them most, and 3 when you don't need them at all, and you don't have a single spot to put them without destroying a masterpiece.