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She means well, though.

Ship adjective HTML comments

Fannon and I were discussing the recent changes wherein ship adjective lists were moved to external templates. This is a useful way to update the adjective list for all ships of a given class (as long as all ships that share a class also completely share a pool of adjectives) but she was worried that it may confuse pirates who are new to the YPPedia and wiki editing in general, and discourage them from adding their own adjectives to the list.

To combat this, I'm going to add an HTML comment directly above the template include, directing users to the file they need to edit, like so:

<!-- To update the list of ship adjectives, please edit the page found at:

a clickable link to this page can be found below this edit box. -->

{{FOO class ship adjectives}}

I'm definitely not suggesting that this should be done for all templates, but we both felt that these templates in particular were likely to cause confusion and scare folks away from making helpful edits, and could use a little bit of elucidation.

Ship image issues

  • Merchant Galleon
    • Cabin and Galley images feature duty station menus.
  • Gingerbread Class War Brig
    • Images are lacking portal arrows.
  • Casino Class War Frig
    • Main Crow's Nest is missing portal arrow.
    • Also, one (1) of the following two statements is true:
      • I am a SCUPPERING IDIOT and didn't turn off special effects before taking screencaptures.
      • This ship is permanently icy, and the Main Crow's Nest image is missing this feature.

(Find someone with one of these in-game to verify and, if needed, re-screencap.)

Non-ship to-do list

  • Rumble needs help. Badly.
  • Remember the thing with the Pets page? Yeeeah.

Why it's not actually happening

  • Part-time job keeps inadvertently becoming nearly full-time, not including the off-the-clock work I don't tell the managers about.
    • What is free time?
    • What are games?
    • What is sleep?