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Jamesh intends to update all the Easter contest (Easter Easel / Spring Egguinox) pages to match the format of the newer ones. Specifically, the section for each day must include:

  • The contest requirements
  • Links to the contest thread and winner posts
  • The actual entry (text or picture) of the winner
  • The winner's prizes
  • A list of honorable mentions (in the order mentioned in the winner post), with links to the forum posts of their entries
  • The honorable mentions' prizes

Additionally, the page must NOT include:

  • Subheaders deeper than the individual contest
  • A bulleted list of honorable mentions, when they all won the same prize.


Year Progress
2007 00/9 verified complete
2008 05/17 verified complete
2009 00/13 verified complete
2010 00/08 verified complete
2011 00/12 verified complete
2012 10/10 verified complete
2013 14/14 verified complete
2014 10/11 verified complete