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Incite is the Captain of Part Time Pirates and Prince of Pegasus At Play. He currently resides on Lima Island in the Viridan Ocean.


Incite restarted his pirating career in July 2006, having first started playing Puzzle Pirates on the Viridian Ocean when the ocean first opened about a year beforehand and ending up giving away all his possessions (which consisted of a sloop, war brig, dirk and pirate's badge at the time) to the first person who could beat him at swordfighting. This just so happened to be the first person who challenged him. He has decided to start a crew with some friends, and would like to make enough money to be able to furnish his manor and paint the rooms gold.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Won an Ancient Bust from the 'Wack-a-Mole' Competition
  • Gradually worked his way down to able at poker
  • Started the crew Part Time Pirates
  • Bought a sloop with Scratt and Taintedfist from poker winnings
  • Became ultimate at poker after about 10 hands
  • Started playing again!

Other Pirating Information

He currently owns Incite's Ironworking Stall on Lima Island, and is making a steady profit.

You'll probably find him with his crew, either pillaging or playing a relaxing game of poker with his mates Scratt, Taintedfist, Sickbreh, Kingharold, Sushidude and Teewhizzle. And if it's the latter, it's fair to assume that he'll probably be losing.


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