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Dewei, and his Atlantis Thread

Starting on Hunter, Dewei quickly became interested in the forums; at first it was just looking over threads and reading them, and learning what exactly forum tarts respond to. After a while, Dewei made his first post, The Content of Hunter Parley (Rewrote) The thread talked about several crews, and Hunter in general, however it died a few weeks later. After that, Dewei went back to just reading the forum and posting everynow and then to threads that interested him. Dewei has also been known to post in some event threads (mostly writing threads). Eventually, Dewei started a thread in Hunter Parley called The Atlantis Review this thread was started so that pirates on Hunter could see what Atlantis pillages were well made, and what Atlantis Pillage weren't so well made. After much discussion about how to run a good Atlantis pillage, and much discussion about different crews, someone had asked for a list of crews to be placed in the Yppedia. After talking to some Yppedia Admins and such, they said he can't make an actual article since all articles have to be made from neutral points of veiw (understandable of course.) However, they did say he was allowed to make it in his userspace, so listed below are the names of the crew, and reviews. Anything wrong should be PMed to Dewei on the forums for proper editing.

The Atlantean List

Crusading Mercenaries
Battle Navigator: Striderrs
XO/ MAA: Duckling, Unknownhope, Machnak, Runecloud, Lanfear
Review Given By; Quitex

Structured Chaos
Battle Navigator: Sheeran
XO/ MAA: <unknown>
Review Given By; Intner

Rent - a - Hero
Battle Navigator: <Unknown>
XO/ MAA: <Unknown>
Review Given By; Barrelboy

Up Your Booty
Battle Navigator: Scabard (origenally posted as Sabard in thread)
XO/MAA: Fordenis, Snakegirly
Review Given By; Ybbald, Romtu

I Get Wet
Battle Navigator: Dalnoth
XO/MAA: Wazzyy
Review Given By; Redspyda, Barrelboy

Battle Navigator: Camelrider, Nargon, Smoked, Pillagera
XO/MAA: Admiraltieu, Scurvybeard
Review Given By; Tommers RedspykeScurvybeard

Battle Navigator: Kenchio
XO/MAA: Crabtree
Review Given By; Jimbobsy , Hypnogirl

The Big Coffin Hunters
Battle Navigator: Zaggwagg
XO/MAA: Coppertheft (XO) Blackbeardi, Athens, and Teet (MAA)
Review Given By; Lanfear, Unknownhope, Coppertheft, Ybbald

Job at your own risk
Battle Navigator: <Unknown>
XO/MAA <Unknown>
Review Given By; Striderrs

Battle Navigator: Matrim
XO/MAA: Cleansanchez/Capberry (XO), Serafax/Justsilly (MAA)
Review Given By; Alatar, Matrim

Poseidon's Outlaw
Battle Navigator: <Unknown>
XO/MAA: Admiraltieu
Review Given By; Polly

Battle Navigator: Redspyke
XO/MAA: <Unknown>
Review Given By; Tartoof, Sheets

SOB's of America
Battle Navigator: Jonisdabomb
XO/MAA Aparecynine
Review Given By; Quitex

-Atrum Abyssus-
Battle Navigator: Sifar
XO/MAA: Heady, Notdex
Review Given By; Ybbald, Barney, Gunnermooch, Rapportus

The Creeps
Battle Navigator: Mikeness
XO/MAA: <Unknown>
Review Given By; Masterbratac

The Enternal Hydrae
Battle Navigator: Crimsonking
XO/MAA: Captaintut (XO), Bluesally (MAA)
Review Given By; Barney

High Desires
Battle Navigator: Ducks
XO/MAA: Padawan
Review Given By; Romtu

Battle Navigator: Gunnermooch
XO/MAA: Athens
Review Given By; Romtu, Whatah, Flamer

Battle Navigator: Imhotandunoe
XO/ MAA: Anode (XO), Joeballers (MAA)
Review Given By; Dewei

Celtic Raiders
Battle Navigator: Sleger
XO/ MAA: Lugger
Review Given By; Mikeymike

Odin's Demise
Battle Navigator: Duckling
XO/ MAA: Amory(XO), Wolfpack(MAA)
Review Given By; Rapportus

Easy Going
Battle Navigator: Justsilly
XO/ MAA: <Unknown>
Review Given By; Captaintut

Scarlet Mist
Battle Navigator: Arabica
XO/ MAA: Chinita
Review Given By; Keight, Ivole

Battle Navigator: Rebel
XO/ MAA: <unknown>
Review Given By; Romtu
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