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The BTV Convention is a statement in which rules for a pay cap in any blockade that BTV participates in, are written down. Though BTV does strongly suggest everyone to play by these rules as we have written these down in the best interest of everyone. They will affect the game of blockading in general which we hope to open up to a more broad and varieted base of capable flags. It's among our strongest believe that they therefor will have a positive influence on YPP in general.


A pay cap is a set of rules which affects blockading in such a way that all participating flags, try to equal out the jobber support by having a minimal change in pay during each segment. It prevents the start of a pay war by limiting the allowed amount of poe that can be put in the warchest at a time.


BTV declares hereby that from now on blockades will be fought by the following system.

  • All offers for jobbers will before the blockade be set between 200 and 600poe per segment, each side will have an equal pay. No changes will be made do this pay from the moment equal intents were announced, untill round one is life.
  • From then on, each participating flag can always equal it's poe to the leader or go above that when they are behind 15jobbers or more than the leading flag in jobbers support. No raise in jobbers poe will be more than an additional 75poe per segment.
  • The flags will not change jobber pay unless they are behind in jobbers as described above, or when they the difference of jobbers in both flag is less than 10 they can equal up. Though it may be best to give the flag that was behind in jobbing an additional advantage of 5-15jobbers before putting the pay equal again.
  • Allies will show up under one of the participating flags but their jobbers will be added up to the total of the flag that they are allied to.
  • The BTV Convention only takes effect in real blockades for islands of a small and medium size. We do not include large islands in this policy.


BTV is merely a group of players and therefor can not enforce their rules upon others. Though we expect everyone that participates with them in the blockcading game to respect these rules and play according to the way they are described above. Everybody is free to play how they prefer, but BTV will find any action violating this convention agressive and therefor will feel themselves responsible to take proper action towards this, playing by their rules, in an attempt to disencourage such behaviour in the future.

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