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My pirate name is asaulter, I have a pirate in midnight and in sage. I`m not a suscriber, I`m in the crew Devil Dogs(midnight), which is inactive and the crew devil`s bane(sage) that is very active. I have jobbed with lots of crews, even with the number 1 crew in midnight,(now, maybe it will change later)Don`t Ask To Port, which pays good because it is jobbers delight. I have been in many blockades, and sunk in all of them without getting a injury, but I got a bludgeon called fish, that is white, and I think it had red. I I'm not a greeny, I joined Yohoho in 2006, and I play since then. I live in Namath(midnight) and admiral(sage), in a shack(both). My mother language is Spanish, but I speak English well, I`m writing this after all. I collect, charts(midnight). of all kinds and islands, from anywhere to anywhere, even if they cost 100 poe I buy them if I don`t have them, it happened to me lots of times that I bought charts that I have and it is annoying. I travelled in a ship that had gems once(diamonds, midnight), other ship came and stole them, we got them back and the capitan went away, so we reached Alfa island quiclky, we got paid and i logged off. once in the crew the goonies, i fought a brigand king, gretchen goldenfang(sage) and of course we lost by much because we had no rum. I hope my crew will be more active one day(midnight), and i hope to make a portait(midnight) too( i have poe midnight) most of my money comes becasue of the blockadges(midnight). I once went to booty or no booty(midnight), and got planked by shouting "I bid 1 poe", or "pick 20" and "erease 30". im writing this to tell my story, and i will update it with special events in wich I go, becasue this is to tell others my history, were I went, my travells like the diamond one or the brigand king, and those things.