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Untouchable at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Johnie
Senior Officer(s) Scabbers, Stiletio
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation None
Disbanded as of 22 September, 2007

Untouchable was an independent crew that sailed the Sage Ocean.


Untouchable was founded by Johnie and Scabbers.

By September of 2007 the crew had disbanded.

Public Statement

Many are easy to attack,

Many have trouble attacking,

We are Untouchable and there's no stopping.

Untouchable, founded by a No-Brained Captain named Johnie and his First Mate Scabbers. Driven crazy by the moarning of the loss of their old crew Sails of Darkness.

It aims to expand to the limits, and claim treasures of unimaginable size.

Crew Articles

  1. If an officer is in the heat of battle, they must be sure to update the score by saying it in vessel chat.
  2. If there be a ghost ship, ranked as a sloop with only one or two passangers aboard, then one must ask permission before boarding.
  3. Shouting and ordering is very bad luck if ye be not ranked of officer in the crew, fer it'll get ye planked for disturbin' the chain of command.
  4. If ye be usin' a vessel that ain't yers, then you are to read the officer buletin board for instructions and ye are to leave it just how ye found it, if you do not do this and you don't leave some sort of message ye'll get the gallows (expelled).
  5. Remember to listen carefully to what the pirate incharge is saying, otherwise when you least expects it, ye may be booted from the ship.
  6. If ye wish to join the crew please ask when the time's right. Otherwise, ye'd be disturbing the pirate in charge.
  7. Hold yer tongues, don't ask to port more than once or ye'll get the plank.
  8. If ye leave the vessel before the booty is split your cut shall be diminished.

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin Person: Ask any officer to join at the right time.
  • Pirate: Have atleast narrow in gunning, aswell as have enough for the badge.
  • Officer: Have atleast broad in gunning, carpentry, sailing and bilging and ask a Fleet Officer or above.
  • Fleet Officer: Same requirements as officer aswell as trust from a few Senior Officers or the Captian / First Mate.
  • Senior Officer: Solid in gunning, and one solid in carpentry, bilging or sailing and broad in the others. Must have extra trust from the Captain and First Mate.