Turtle Island monument

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The Turtle Island monument is located in the swamp northwest of Raphael's Row.

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Turtle Island was governed swiftly and justly by the venerable Ursela under the auspices of the flag The Libertarians.

It was home to these independent crews:
46 in Calico Marauders of the flag "of doom"
41 in Teschio e Ossa of the flag "Eccezionale"
28 in Njorthern Raiders of the flag "Berserk Buccaneers"
27 in Black Gold of the flag "Solid Gold"
22 in Dragon's Talon of the flag "Eye of the Storm"
19 in The New Dawn of the flag "La Nueva Revolucion"
19 in The Sea Hounds
16 in True Meaning Of Piracy of the flag "True Meaning Of Monarchy"
11 in Crimson Seas of the flag "Serenity"
10 in El Guapo's Gang
10 in Cutthroat Creature's of the flag "Cutthroats"
8 in Motley Crue
8 in Firefighting Fish of the flag "Crimson Empire"
7 in The Fiend Club of the flag "Marijuana"
5 in Triad of the flag "Apokrypha"
4 in Spanish Bombs of the flag "Thunder and Lightning"
3 in Evil Kawaiis
3 in Makuro
3 in Pyre Rats
3 in The Wandering Scurge