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Yellow/light green toucan familiars

The toucan is a type of familiar which can be found on the oceans. It may be won, with a 0.1% probability, from opening a second-generation gold box, with a 0.05% probability from a June 2015 gold box, or a 0.1% probability from a gold box purchased between August 2015 and June 2016.

Toucans cannot be recolored using rogue marks.


The selection of colors available in the second-generation (April 2013 - February 2014) gold box rotated by month:

  • February - Aqua/Blue, Pink/Red, Gold/Lime
  • April - Yellow/Light Green, Sea Green/Blue, White/Black
  • June - Red/Yellow, White/Purple, Black/Banana
  • August - Orange/Red, Light Blue/Violet, Plum/Lime
  • October - Brown/Orange, Maroon/Peach, Persimmon/Black
  • December - Blue/White, Light Blue/Aqua, Wine/White

During June 2015, the following colors were available in gold boxes:

  • Orange/Blue
  • Sea Green/Green
  • Orange/Yellow
  • Yellow/Red

Starting in August 2015, the following colors were available in gold boxes:

  • August - Yellow/Orange, Maroon/Gold, White/Aqua
  • October - Brown/Yellow, Orange/Maroon, Wine/Lime
  • December - Ice Blue/Navy Blue, Blue/Aqua, White/Light Blue
  • February - Violet/Purple, Gold/Rose, Red/Maroon
  • April - Light Green/Sea Green, Lime/Yellow, Lavender/Mint
  • June - Peach/Plum, Orange/Magenta, Black/Persimmon

In April 2017, the following colors were available in gold boxes:

  • Gold/Emerald
  • Gold/Silver
  • Gold/Purple

In December 2017, a red/light green toucan was available from gold boxes.

In September 2018, a chocolate/chocolate toucan was available from chocolate mystery boxes.


Historical notes

Toucans first became available on April 6, 2013 with the second generation of gold boxes.

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