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Familiars Won

Toonz is currently a senior officer in ARR of the flag Phobos Et Deimos, although his first crew was The Mighty Messengers. He has also achieved the rank of admiral in the Spring Navy. Although a sailor by trade, Toonz enjoys making poe as a jobbing pirate on endeavors such as pillages, blockades and Cursed Isles and he has spent his entire time on Midnight Ocean.


Contributions and Accomplishments

  • After 5 years of hard puzzling, finally reached #1 in sails on January 20, 2010
  • also won 1st place in various gunning and sailing competitions
  • won Incredible in Biathlon competition during 2010 Olympics
  • also was given a Parrot familiar by hearty Jsweetie and bought a Tan Monkey off Ryujin (both in 2010)
  • currently owns an Apothecary on Emperor Island and previously owned an Iron Monger and Furnisher


Working his way up the ranks, even though he's never achieved the rank of captain with ARR, he hopes eventually to form his own crew and sail the seas as a well trained and knowledgeable captain and pirate. Also hopes to eventually win a familiar via contest or competition. Toonz has also gained a wealth of knowledge and friends from around the world through YPP and hopes many more to follow.

Trinket Collection

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