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Tluv is the captain of the crew - Death Row and queen of the flag - Unforsaken.

She currently sails the Sage Ocean with her crew.

She is also an admiral in the Admiral Island Navy in the Gull Archipelago.


Tluv first started playing YPP back in October 2005.

Tluv first joined up as an Senior Officer to the crew The Republic Army which was then Captained by Kermie, who is no longer with us.

In May of 2007, senior officer Tluv then moved on to a new crew The Killer Muppets which was formed by Captain Kermie and at said time joined up in the flag of Verus Fidelitas under the rule of Queen Blackvixey.

In October 2007 Tluv decided to run her own ship and show sage what she was made of.

She then became the Captain of the crew Death Row joining the flag The Dark Ellite Killers under the rule of King Plutark also known as Captain Plutark of Ill Omen at said time.

The crew Death Row was then moved to the Flag Shadows Of Sage under rule of King Johanson.

Death Row now resides currently with the flag - Unforsaken.....

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