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Tiranga at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Monarch None
Member crew(s) God's Army, Gone With The Wind, Blood Thirst, Rapid Killers, Celestial Empire
Founded 9 March, 2008
Effectively dormant as of 28 February, 2009

Tiranga was a flag on the Sage Ocean, which was founded March 10th of 2008.

Public Statement

Loyalty and Honour....

Extended Public Statement

Welcome to the flag Tiranga !!!

If yer reading this statement then yer obviously already interested in joining us, as is everyone else who have sense :P

We are a new, strong and very feindly flag who are looking to be big in sage and make a few freinds and hopefully kade some islands...

We cannot make these goals unless we have all you guys backing us, theres only really 2 options... go with a flag who say they'll blockade or be part of a loyal and trustworthy flag who only ask fer a small favour and that is fer yer dedication and loyalty to Tianga...

We dont ask for stats in this flag... only that you stay with us and play yer part as a member of Tiranga.

All new crews to this flag will get 3 titles automatically and when we find a place for you here then we will give you a promotion to suit job title...

We hope we have done enough for you all to join our flag and we hope to have ye with us soon !!!

Thank ye fer taking th time t read this message...


Yohoahoy ( King of Tiranga ) ...

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