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Tips of sword fighting

From YPPedia

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Sword fighting (usually called SF)is a game where our objective is to make the opponent's board full.

1. The easiest way to win is to make huge blocks and break it with combos (usually called insta or instant blow)

2. The other way to win is to take advantage of the opponent's move for example : when in the first part of the game,(the start)you should see the larger number of type or color(s) that fall off from the top. From those color(s) you are able to make a large number of block(s) and break it. Sometimes in the middle part of the game you should see some big swords from the opponent's attack. Then you could see it changing from solid to silver blocks then real colors. From the colors there you are suppose to see the pattern, This part is very important that you create a larger block then break it then you see that the opponent's board is quite fill ed you continue(if you can) until the opponent is knocked out.

3. the hardest way (actually quite easy when using a specific sword)is to knock out the opponent with small swords or maybe a little sprinkling

More Tips

Please /tell Jasonaris (local time GMT +7) to ask questions about SF ( or Sword fighting)

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